The brand name LA VIDA LUCHA  is inspired by a boxer named Johney Tapia. He was born in Mexico and lived in the USA and had the words "mi vida loca" tattood across his abdomen which translates to "my crazy life". He wasn't wrong, he lived a crazy life in and out of the ring. A man with a troubled past yet with a bundle of talent, he always struggled to achive his goal and that didn't stop him from winning a world title. With inspiration from Johnny's tattoo we came up with the brand name LA VIDA LUCHA which translates to "The Fight Life" and our journey began in creating a sportswear brand to deliver to fellow boxers and enthusiasts who live the fight life.

"discover the boxer in you"


  • Providing quality products to become the Undisputed King of Boxing Sportswear 
  • Helping to inspire the fraternity of boxing enthusiasts whatever level they may be at
  • Motivated by a passion for excellence, an undeniable commitment and a love for boxing